Garden wedding Dresses 2016

Here I will focus on the look of the bride at weddings in garden that have been characterized as one of the favorite types of wedding brides.

Garden wedding Dresses_235032.jpg


So, if you you're getting married at a wedding in the garden, regardless of whether the wedding will be an evening wedding or a wedding day, then I leave some tips for when it comes time to choose the dress suitable bride for Wedding.

1. A wedding that takes place in a garden is characterized as a semi-formal wedding or a formal wedding. Therefore, the label must be of the bride and groom depending on the type of wedding.

3. As for the type of fabric for wedding dresses for weddings performed in a garden, you must choose fabrics that are not heavy, thick and glossy.


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4. weddings held in a garden really are characterized by warm weather, so it is recommended to opt for a dress that is simple, light and without excess fabric.


5. Believe it or not, strapless wedding dresses are the most recommended and most favorite for those brides who marry at a wedding in the garden.


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